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Cheer Fun!
Cheer Fun!
Cheer Fun!
Cheer Fun!

Cheer Fun!

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*Book now for term 3*

🌟Term 3 commences on the 30th July🌟

Cheer Fun!

Recreation Cheer classes are beginner classes that do not compete. Recreation cheer is a great way to begin Cheerleading or for those who do not wish to get into the competition side of cheerleading. Team members will learn all of the basics of cheerleading with our fantastic coaching staff. 

The cost per term is $145 you will need to register for your spot at the beginning of each term. Priority booking will be given to our current members. 

Our recreation cheer classes are split into age groups. We can be a little flexible with the ages that attend these classes, they are just a guide to prevent 4 year olds being paired with 10 year olds. 

For 3-5 year olds check out our pre school cheer option on a Saturday morning 10-10.30am

Cheer Fun Wellsford is held at Wellsford School. 47 School Rd, Wellsford. Classes are Weds 4-5pm. Classes start on the 5th September. 

Terms follow the school terms, however, there are a couple of dates where we start and finish slightly different to school terms. Please see our term dates below. 

Term 1: 12th Feb - 15th April 

Term 2: 7th May - 8th July

Term 3: 30th July - 1st October

Term 4: 15th October - 15th December 

If you are new to Infinity please don't forget to fill out our Online enrolment form: 

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We will endeavour to add additional classes where those are full as gym availability and coaching staff allows.