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Beginner/Intermediate Tumble Classes
Beginner/Intermediate Tumble Classes

Beginner/Intermediate Tumble Classes

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**Book Now for term 3**

🌟Term 3 commences on the 30th July🌟

Beginner tumble classes $100 per term

we currently offer 2 beginner/intermediate class times 

Wednesday 5-6pm for 8 years and over and recommended for Evermore

Thursday 4-5pm for 7 years and under and recommended for Future

Beginner tumble classes are open to anyone, you do not need to be a member of a cheerleading team to participate in one of these classes. 

Learn the basics of tumble - working at your own pace and on your own specific skills. Each term will begin and end with testing so our coaches are able to work with you at your own speed. 

Class sizes will be limited to only 10 per class due to space restrictions, if all of the classes offered fill up we will endeavour to add additional classes where gym availability and coaching staff allows.

Our classes operate based around the school terms, there are some slight differences so please note the dates below.

Term 1: 12th Feb - 15th April 

Term 2: 7th May - 8th July

Term 3: 30th July - 1st October

Term 4: 15th October - 15th December 

If you are new to Infinity please don't forget to fill out our Online enrolment form: 

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